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ANATÉ - Nonsense
ANATÉ - Nonsense

Anaté – Nonsense | Ominous

Italy-based music project Anaté comprising Ana and Andrea manage to create experimental electronic soundscapes. With already a very impressive list of songs released just this year, Anaté updates its discography with its latest track Nonsense.

At first listen, Nonsense may sound like the stereotypic electronic dance number, but the gradual progression of the track proves Anaté’s unique sound different from compatriots in the genre. Characteristically, the four-minute number flirts with multiple genres that include electronic dance pop, gothic pop and dystopian electronic ambient music. Laden with incredibly haunting vocal performances akin to the sounds of Amy Lee, Nonsense is a breathing pulsation of a lyrically-folksy ominous dance pop track.

Anaté’s music offers a sense of a futuristic science fiction oriented musical vision, tackling themes otherwise occult or sensitive. The riddle-like lyricism in the track only builds up its mysterious halo, as the heavy bass backbone and spiralling synth waves suspends the listener in an incredibly imaginative soundscape.

Brilliantly produced and written, Nonsense is the ideal track for circumstances that warrant a theme similar to it. With an array of tracks now under their discography, it is exciting to observe the musical left-turns Anaté takes from here. 

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