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the MAEN-Episode
the MAEN-Episode
the MAEN-Episode

the MAEN-Episode | Unwrap your mind

A collection of personalities. An embodiment of thoughts. More than a project, less than a sentient entity. From what my feeble brain can understand, this is what the MAEN are and represent. This duo is making waves with just one single that has already garnered more than 3k listens on the streaming platform. Their latest release is called Episode.

With chugging riffs and a whispering baritone, the MAEN induct us into their definitive world of nu-rock and hybrid concepts. Their track is a smashing, fast number-which builds and crashes like any good, solid rock song should. Though the lyrics linger in your headspace for the entirety of the verse, the chorus is where it all cascades. Thrashing drums and chained, melodic riffs define their signature sound. There’s a bit of NIN and Marilyn Manson, as well as love for Linkin Park heard in their songs.

If this is a feeler and tester to what is capable by this talented duo, don’t keep us waiting. Like Jerry Cantrell, the solo is defined and delicious. It has no extensive shredding or showboating-yet shows us what inspires this exciting act. If this is the group of ideals that The Matrix wants me to fall into, I’m ready. My life may be but a silly movie, I’m currently hooked on this episode.

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