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Slooga-Jumpin’ | Rockin’ Blues

I don’t know who else is obsessed with the Cobra Kai soundtrack, I know I am. Airbourne, Judas Priest, and AC/DC. They might have missed a great artist, Slooga. Everything you know you’ve missed after 3 seconds into the song. Their new track Jumpin‘ from the album of the same name is a blues rocker that is sure to be your “walking away from explosion” song.

Slooga play some hot blues rock, so its no wonder their fans are huge ZZ Top and AC/DC fans. One listen of this song isn’t even close to enough, because that swinging riff needs a patent of its own. Inspired by the likes of Bonamassa and other blues legends, they lean into the rock half much more. With lyrics I couldn’t even pay attention because of the instrumentality, I have thoroughly enjoyed this track. There are elements of stone cold 70s-80s rock which can’t be missed even if you’re heading towards a blues infused aneurysm.

That solo was so good, I had to start a new paragraph for it. Slinging with the energy and suave of a completely new track, it might need an autobiography of its own. Precursor to which is the riff that dominates it, the solo carves its own niche with shredding power along with slides and swings I can’t keep track of. This EP is going to dominate Slooga’s legacy, so I suggest you dive into this album with no premonitions and the intention of having your mind blown.

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