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Near Death Experience (NDX)-Underground
Near Death Experience (NDX)-Underground
Near Death Experience (NDX)-Underground

Near Death Experience (NDX)-Underground | Spin your own tale

Near Death Experience have been shaking things up since that fateful day they formed this band in 2016. They revive the best of music that seems to have disappeared. Fortunately, they are masters of fabricating their own zeitgeist, and I’ve been part of it. Found was a single from them I reviewed earlier this year. They change gears for Underground.

This group loves breaking out of the mold very often. With their series of thematic singles earlier this year, this is a pop-rock jingle tune that is happier than Will Ferrell’s smile on Elf. The track has a reggae bounce to it, has layered saxophone and the classic live instruments having a ball on their own. The vocals have never sounded better, and the playfulness is unlimited as well. Near Death Experience are giving us all the sights before we drop in the blink of an eye.

With a proactive couple of years, NDX has been recording and releasing singles that create a fantastic narrative. Like QOTSA breaks out into something off-brand for them every once in a while, NDX are doing it rhythmically. Their tunes and notes are always an infectious earworm that settles to grow in your brain. I’m loving that I have to luckily disappear into this one.

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