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Attendant – A.I.T.A
Attendant – A.I.T.A

Attendant – A.I.T.A | Hook n Grit

London grunge punk band Attendant presents us with their latest stellar single A.I.T.A. Attendant has had a string of blazing releases including their EP Unreality and songs like Blockade this year and Half Life and Doomscroller last year. In A.I.T.A, we hear their signature fiery sound with tasty punk and alternative rock artistry.

A.I.T.A begins with ferocious punk guitars, vocals, and drums cascading. When the bass kicks in we get a sound that is full and all encompassing. Harmonized vocals are a neat touch to this gritty engaging tune. The song ends on a guns blazing note with the main riff with a well-rounded low end owing to the guitars and bass. The chorus gives an epic feel concluding the song in a climactic fashion. A tight tune with a swag arrangement and production, this is a song you’ll spin on repeat. The songwriting is potent with all the elements wound in balance. Even the most discerning fans seeking for top-notch underground music and casual rock fans both will be satisfied. The song’s flawless blend of hard, aggressive, muddy and the calming and musical, harmonising, uplifting soundscapes, gives it the perfect balance.

A.I.T.A has a catchy gutar riff hook with the low-end which forms the base of the song. Deeply fluid rhythmic patterns, dazzling vocals, and vocal harmonies give this song an edge. Genres like punk, grunge, and post-hardcore are balaned in the alternative rock span to give this tune. Intensity, rhythm, and songwriting are the core pillars which enable this song to shine through. With the almost dramatic second half, we also get something not typical in punk. A.I.T.A by Attendant is a wholesome alternative rock which is well sculpted.

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