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Malin Wattring - Songs of Wounds and Healing | Transcendental 
Malin Wattring - Songs of Wounds and Healing | Transcendental 

Malin Wattring – Songs of Wounds and Healing | Transcendental 

Malin Wattring is an ardent musician and composer from Gothenburg, Sweden. She is a singer and guitarist and has a flair for modern jazz and indie rock. Her music is infused with a lot of contemporary styles, even after having been retro. The most powerful thing about her tracks is that they not only show her ingenuity as an artist but also are one of those rare examples of nicely experimented yet brilliant tracks that feel as rare as a gem. 

Malin Wattring just released her fourth album which showcases many brilliant artists and styles that are rare to find. Her album; Songs of Wounds and Healing is not only an amalgamation of some mega-talented musicians but also of everything that each one has to bring to the table. Quite naturally, this album is not a one man’s show. With a plethora of elements, styles, and pieces, Songs of Wounds and Healing easily becomes a great treasure. You would be seeing something new with every song. Yet uniformity is never a lost concept. Even though with so many artists working together, there is a natural and expected chance of irregularity and lost flows. But, quite surprisingly, that doesn’t happen. You fall in love with how well everything has been intertwined together. Each artist’s talents and flairs are reflected wonderfully in every nook and cranny of this album. 

You will love the softness of the tracks. Even though the genre is quite bold and daunting and a tough one to experiment with, the artists do a phenomenal job of keeping things subtle and subliminal. The art of experimentation is a tough one to master. Because there’s a very thin line between authentic and over the top. However, here, you will be in awe of how well that concept has been mastered. With lucid perfection in mixing and mastering, things come to the surface just the way they are supposed to. Moreover, even the ones who are not familiar with this genre would find something or the other to cherish here. For, even though the album unfolds at its own pace, and may not be everyone’s cup of tea, there is something in it for every music lover. 

I Want the Truth is stellar that stands out from the whole album. Other tracks too, have that same quality of transcending you to some another space, where all that there is, is tranquillity. 

The vocals also stir the right kind of feel. They are soft, subliminal, and have a very soothing effect on the listeners. The lyrics complement the whole melancholic vibe of the tracks, too stunningly. 

Songs of Wounds and Healing is an album you should listen to if you are searching for something soulful, transcendental, and unique.

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