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Tyler Elden & The Night Figures – Bruised Love
Tyler Elden & The Night Figures – Bruised Love

Tyler Elden & The Night Figures – Bruised Love | Real Stare

We take a look at the debut single Bruised Love by US alternative rock act Tyler Elden & The Night Figures. The Night Figures is composed of members from the New Jersey prog metal band In The Presence of Wolves. Elden and Figures form a collective combining post-hardcore with the right touches of force and melody.

With an interesting groove, a progression is laid on with sustained chords, horns in the backdrop, and a prominent bass line and guitars. Vocal is placed on top of this forming the verses. Making apt use of dynamics, the pre-chorus pulls out the arrangement, keeping the vocals. We then get an all-out fuzzy joyous alternative rock solo which moves to a rock riff breakdown. The song manages to be simultaneously hard-hitting and ecstatic. Incredible drumming with a locked-in formidable bass line is the cake of this song. Next is the tone and production of the guitars which is top-notch. A beautiful aura is created with the chorus and its arrangement. Love the vibe that is created. It’s both nostalgic and fresh at the same time. Fiery work by Tyler Elden & the Night Figures?

The song starts steadily and builds up to an ecstatic climax. The guitar parts are powerful, the drums are intense, and the production gives the song a modern edge. It’s a song that showcases the band’s ability to blend varied tones and tight songwriting to create something truly unique and unforgettable. Listeners would be pumped up and revel in its vision. Bruised Love is a true rock anthem that showcases the ability of Tyler Elden & the Night Figures to create powerful music that resonates.

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