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Shany Bartal "Ms. Munroe"
Shany Bartal "Ms. Munroe"
Shany Bartal "Ms. Munroe"

Shany Bartal’s Groovy Soulful Rock Tribute to “Ms. Munroe”

Tel Aviv artist Shany Bartal has hit the mark with her irresistible blues, rock, funk, groove, and soul debut “Ms. Munroe“. From the first note, you’ll feel the music’s magnetic pull. Yes! This is music! The intro riff, featuring trumpets and a horn section that’s to die for, sets the tone for the rest of the song.

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The muted guitar rhythm playing, fiery vocals, and scabs of guitars at opportune moments are all part of the song’s charm. The fluid groovy bass line provides a foundation that the other instruments build upon. And the song’s insane fuzzed-up fiery blues guitar solo is pure musical magic. The tension between the chorus and horn section and the controlled verses is what drives this song.

Every element in this song is crafted with such emotion and intensity, and when paired with a driving groove that makes you want to dance, the result is a powerful song. The apt layering of instruments and dynamics creates a rich and expressive sound that truly captures the essence of the music.

The retro but fresh artwork perfectly encapsulates the feel of the song and pays tribute to Jill Munroe, the character from the original 70s Charlie’s Angels. Achieving this mix arrangementally requires a careful balance between the different musical elements. For this producer Joseph E-shine and musician Roy Rabinovichi shine through also in their production and instrumental work in the song.

“Ms. Munroe” is a groovy and soulful tribute to a classic character. Shany Bartal’s artistry and the musicians’ skills have combined to create a memorable and enjoyable song. It’s a must-listen for fans of blues, rock, funk, and soul music.

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