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Rare Seed – Blue Basin | Strong Motif

Lex Conde‘s solo recording project Rare Seed, based in New Orleans, has recently released his new song ‘Blue Basin‘.  I especially loved the progression’s progressive psychedelic patterns, which have a strong impression. The music is quite spread out and has a great flow that allows listeners to truly become caught into the trance-like realm. The composition also pulls out the emotions that are already present in the riff. The mood is essentially determined by the tone of the guitars and the riff melody, both of which have a significant influence. The vocal performance and textures perfectly complement the alternate space created by the soundscapes of these strong powerful guitar riffs and incredibly enticing guitar tones.

Another component that enhances the experience is the song’s structure. There’s a sense of tension and intricacy that truly pulls out the nature of the sounds, which are well fitted for the song. There is a sense of discovery and an inward quest to uncover the buried clues of truth. These complex emotions are expressed extremely well through the multi-layered arrangements. The guitar passages are the highlights of the song for me. The song is very tight in terms of drums and bass, which adds a lot of momentum to the arrangement. Overall, I believe the song will captivate listeners that enjoy the alternative progressive style of music and will find themselves grooving to the solid riff.

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