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Bamboozle Tesseract | Tyler Kamen | Progressive Rock | Psychedelic Circus
Bamboozle Tesseract | Tyler Kamen | Progressive Rock | Psychedelic Circus

Tyler Kamen’s Psychedelic Circus – The Bamboozle Tesseract

Tyler Kamen is a guitarist, poet, singer-song writer, music producer, video producer, photographer, and graphic designer from New York. His style of music is usually an amalgamation of progressive and psychedelic rock, but this time it seems he has tilted more toward the progressive side. Or that’s what he wants you to think with his first couple of tracks. Bamboozle Tesseract is a psychedelic circus that just has sounds flying around the listener, engulfing them in a colorful and entertaining performance in their own head.

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Bamboozle Tesseract starts off with “Introduction – Future X”, an intro track that literally sets the stage for the rest of the tracks. A small warm up session to tune your ears for what’s coming next! “The Bamboozle Tesseract” is the second track in the album and it starts off with a very powerful, yet playful strings that help the listener let their guard down! Sounds like a folk prog track that would play as the introduction to some action anime.

Then we move on to “Gnome City Labs”, where the horns are just stunning. I love how they pour into the mix and they go so well with the guitars and the vocals. What is amazingly peculiar is the fact that the vocal effects change every track, so it keeps things interesting. Gnome City Labs has the best hook in the album so far, but what stands out most is the lazer effects that surprise the listener after the one minute thirty second mark. Coupled with the horns and a subtle female vocal, this track has just become a psychedelic circus!

With “Splitting Atoms”, Tyler has established that this album is going to be a trip we wont forget. With spaceships and alien clowns jumping through hoops, my mind has become Tyler’s psychedelic circus – an interplanetary entertainment program! This track has this really cool bass guitar work that keep the track moving, while the horns just pull you into a state of trance. To top it all off, the reverb heavy vocals just sound so soothing here. It sounds like you’re racing ahead in hyperspace watching weird anomalies around you, but somehow laughing at it all!

The Peak

“Breaking News” is a sudden shocker of a track that is exactly as it sounds. By now the trip has intensified and the listener is just taken aback by whats going on. Wait a minute…. What is really going on? Where am I? Its like a news announcement from outer space. Amazing creativity that just takes the psychedelic effect of this album to another level. Just like all his other albums, these interlude tracks, mean that the style of the music coming after is going to change.

Just as I predicted, “Vegetable Medley” starts off like a medieval ballad and has a really long intro that morphs into a slow track when the vocals come in. Tyler’s voice sounds robotic in this track and is almost as if its coming from all directions. Surrounded by Tyler’s voice, the listener is suddenly transported to a fun playground halfway through the track! Sounds like something from the Adam’s Family, but not as dark. This is followed by Nuclear Core Meltdown, another interlude, that keeps the listener guessing as to what comes next.

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Confusion comes next

Interdimensional Space Jazz – that’s the phrase that perfectly describes the next track – “Are you a mutant”. After which there is another interlude – “Intermission” – which has the same tune as “The Bamboozle Tesseract”, but a lot more playful and it reminds the user that its all ok! Familiarity is the most comforting aspect of a psychedelic experience and “Intermission” reminds the listener that they were just watching a psychedelic circus. Wait… were they?

The next two tracks, “Detective Sheriff” and “Lights over Zezop way” are beacons of light that bring the listener back to reality. Reminding them that this was just the music and that Tyler is fully capable of composing regular progressive rock as well. It then moves on to “Cruciferous creepers” that starts off a bit slow. Entrancing the listener into a deep slumber and then slowly the horns creep in. The horns seem to be a warning of what lies ahead. Another tumultuous experience in Tyler’s psychedelic circus!

The Comedown

“You are Mutant” is the finale! A spiral track that just churns you in and spits you out! As usual, Tyler starts off slow and takes you off guard again! I really have to stop trusting his intros as the track can go in a completely different direction. With some really cool vocal effects, this hypnotic track is just the spiral you need at the end of your trip to slowly come back to reality – disoriented but alive! The album ends with “Conclusion – Bamboozle Reprise” and it starts off with the same tune as “The Bamboozle uprising” again! And this time, it sounds like some kind of victory lap with lasers and fireworks. The show is finally over and its time for the credits! The chorus in this track has been coming in and going, throughout the album.

An absolute psychedelic masterpiece by Tyler Kamen, that just takes to his peculiar world of sound. With familiarity and purpose, the listener treads uncharted territory to finally come back home. A truly heart thumping and heartwarming odyssey through alien lands and psychedelic landscapes. A true psychedelic circus!

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