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The Dust Collectors bring authentic folk-rock sound to their EP ‘Hanlon’s Razor’

The Dust Collectors, a Calgary-based folk-rock band, have made a bold statement with their latest release, the 6-track EP “Hanlon’s Razor“. The album showcases the group’s signature blend of country-inspired melodies, classic rock and roll grooves, and intricate lyricism.

The EP opens with the neo-soul-inspired Waiting Game. The track is a departure from the band’s usual sound but it is executed flawlessly with its vibrant guitars and emotional cadences. The song is a poignant reminder that lies can never be outrun and that every moment spent waiting has a purpose.

The second track, Bullshit and Lies, kicks off with gritty guitars that set a rusty tone for the track. A simple drum groove lays the foundation for the infectious guitar riffs and soaring vocals. The B-section of the song is particularly impressive, bridging the verses and solo section perfectly. The band sings in an introspective tone, with emotion in the melody that culminates in lush vocals and big instrumentation.

Flush and Plumb showcases the lead singer’s classy and melodic vocals. His harmonious collaboration with his bandmates creates a sound that is a pleasure to the ears. The simple yet engaging composition of the track is unforgettable, making it one of those songs that stick in your head after just one listen.

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Black Fly kicks off with a lively and upbeat guitar riff that perfectly sets the energetic tone of the track. The Dust Collectors’ raw and authentic sound shines through in this song, with no autotune or electronic synths to distract from the intimacy of their performance. The infectious ‘woo-hoo’ hook in the verses and the catchy riff that runs throughout the track make it one of the standout songs on the EP.

Keeping Time starts off with a laid-back guitar progression and a solid bass-line that carries the groove of the track. The song’s upbeat lyrics and rocking solo keep the energy high as it progresses. The chorus has a beautiful progression that is pleasing to the ears and will leave listeners wanting more.

The EP closes with Here’s Hoping, a unique composition with addictive grooves that keep the listener engaged. The band sings in an optimistic tone throughout the performance, and the instrumentation is top-notch. The track’s growth through each section musically is impressive, with laid-back grooves transitioning into upbeat sections and back again until the track fades into silence.

What sets The Dust Collectors apart is their collaborative approach to songwriting. With each member coming from different places of influence, their sound is a blend of country, folk, and rock that is both bitter and sweet. Sharing lead-singer responsibilities and seamless four-part harmonies have become the signature of their ever-increasing setlist of original songs.

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The EP is a testament to the band’s undeniable talent, and it’s no wonder that they have gained a new fan in the process. The Dust Collectors are currently working on their first album, and we can’t wait to see what they have in store for us.

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