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Age Of Iguana’s Creature Comforts
Age Of Iguana’s Creature Comforts
Age Of Iguana - Creature Comforts

Age of Iguana’s Creature Comforts Is One Outstanding Album That Will Surely Make Its Way to Your Daily Rock Music Playlist

Get ready to unleash the rock music lover in you because the latest album by Age Of Iguana, Creature Comforts is surely going to blow your mind. An alternative, psych-rock band of four members from Melbourne, Australia, Age Of Iguana consists of Ben George and Chris Taranto on guitars and vocals, Bernard Hickey on bass and backing vocals, and Aidan Smith on drums. Together, these highly prolific musicians offer a unique sound of their own which one can say is their way of presenting rock music to the listeners, and they sure do impress with such out-of-the-box, intriguing compositions which you will hear in the album Creature Comforts.

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Age Of Iguana’s Creature Comforts is an album that consists of nine tracks and runs for thirty-seven minutes and forty-seven seconds. While rock is the foundation genre on which these compositions stand tall, the blend of the genre’s traditional vibe and modern-day elements is a treat to the listeners because the songs in this album boast an amalgamation of the various sub-genres of rock such as grunge, alternative, psychedelic, etc. Therefore, this album is perhaps one of the finest rock albums in recent times because versatility, quality, and amazing musicality are the things these brilliant compositions have to offer.

A set of songs that awakens the rock music lover in you!

Besides the overall musical artistry that we get to experience in this album, every individual musician deserves a shout-out because this kind of a raw, yet fresh, new soundscape is quite hard to find and when you find it you know that this cannot be the result unless the musicians in the band are in tune with each other both musically as well as mentally. Keeping aside the musical extravaganza that the listeners are going to experience, we must also appreciate the lyrical brilliance in all the tracks because the absolutely amazing lyricism adds more to the beauty of each and every song of the album. On top of that, one more thing that hooks music lovers to the album the most besides the lyrics and composition of the songs is the vocal harmony.

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Overall, Creature Comforts is an album that rewards listeners with a package that comprises everything that a keen music lover might expect from an album. So don’t wait any longer and listen to this wonderful album here:

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