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“Traffic” by Moon and Aries Radiates Contagious Passion and Sass

Moon And Aries is a dynamic duet comprised of German composer and producer Tom Aries and Canadian writer and performer Jordana Moon. These two musical spirits mirror each other’s creativity, building a hypnotic Universe of sound that is both sensual and spiritually powerful. Their music is a portal to higher vibrations and heightened reality, propelled by Tom Aries’ distinctive melodies and enticing instrumentals that perfectly complement Jordana Moon’s thought-provoking lyrics and emotionally compelling vocals. Their global footprint includes over 500 radio stations in over 50 countries.

Moon and Aries have once again graced us with their infectious single titled “Traffic.” It is a remarkable gem, bursting with a compelling blend of sass and untamed passion. You’ll be transported into a world of pure elation from the opening notes of the saxophone and synths.  Jordana Moon’s vocals, as always, are nothing short of enthralling, drawing you in with their undeniable charisma.

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The smooth and warm saxophone work evokes the rich tones of jazz, while the bassline and drums effortlessly blend elements of R&B and funk. The hook line, “Keep on moving,”  near the end of the song, is magical. It’s a certified firecracker that pushes you forward in life, encouraging you to face problems with perseverance.

Beyond its tempting melody and dance-inducing rhythm, “Traffic” echoes everyday challenges. It goes beyond the literal notion of congested roads to look into the figurative clutter that frequently takes over our minds and to keep moving ahead in life. Whether you want to enjoy your own company while dancing with a glass of cocktail in hand or want to dance your heart out with your loved ones, this song has to be your go-to.

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Enjoy listening to “Traffic” by Moon and Aries here.

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