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ray johnson - ocean blue
ray johnson - ocean blue

Ray Johnson’s New Folk Single “Ocean Blue” Is An Invitation To Let Go Of Worries While Embracing Life’s Wonders

Ray Johnson’s musical journey began at the age of six, when he joined the school choir, sparking his passion for singing. By the age of 12, he was taking acoustic guitar lessons, which he continued throughout high school, alongside the choir and founding his first cover band. In college, he honed his musical skills while getting a marketing degree with a music minor. Following college, he balanced marriage, a career, and his lifelong passion for music, establishing himself as a successful solo acoustic/vocalist act for five years. His enormous catalog presently contains around 100 songs written over the last two decades.

“Ocean Blue,” Ray Johnson’s latest single, emanates a comfortable warmth that is hard to resist. The song’s peaceful infusion of country and folk influences is guaranteed to put a smile on your face while instilling a sense of serenity. The slow, consistent riffs that run throughout the song paint a vivid mental picture. It’s as if you’ve been transported to a tranquil setting, viewing a stunning sunset by the ocean and letting the calming waves wash over you.

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Ray’s vocals, however, steal the show. He pours his heart and soul into this song, and it’s evident. The lyrics are deep and meaningful, acting as a gentle reminder. We often fail to pause and enjoy the beauty that is around us in our busy lives. Ray invites us to let go of our problems and enjoy life with a sense of adventure and a deeper connection to the natural world.

“Holding on dearly to what I believe can never be wrong, in a moment of truth every color seeps through ocean blue” is one of the most beautiful lines. “Ocean Blue” is the perfect song for moments of contemplation and tranquillity.

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Enjoy listening to “Ocean Blue” by Ray Johnson here.

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