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Lee Martin-Daydreaming
Lee Martin-Daydreaming
Lee Martin-Daydreaming

Lee Martin-Daydreaming | Glide the stairway

Lee Martin can do a lot with very little. Her songs are the personification of effective minimalism. Though it’s more complicated than that many a times, her new single breathes new life into that word. It makes synth powered songs sound like they’re doing too much. How you ask? Just listen for no further clarification. Daydreaming is her latest single.

Daydreaming is a completely acoustic track, to the truest sense of the word. It features only Lee Martin in her fantastic singing voice, able to reach octaves high and low. What might sound as a melodic whisper to few is a dream to others, and her tone has the ability to metastases into whatever we could please. We also hear an instant of Amazing Grace at the 2 minute mark, the acapella version I’ve heard. By the end of the track I do feel like I’m daydreaming.

Hailing from New Zealand, Lee is currently on tour. With two albums and several singles through the years, Lee has made sure she makes impactful, meaningful tunes. Using simple progressions and touching lyrics, it is no surprise her fans have an instant connect with her. From Lost Girl, there has been constant evolution in the kind of sound she likes to create and perform with. Daydreaming is but a part of what she has achieved till now. It is also a perfect marker to show what she can do with just the organs of the church as a background.

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