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Ed Gumbrecht from NYC just released his new single “Enter the Muses”. 

Ed Gumbrecht is an ardent singer, songwriter, and author. Based in Long Island, New York, Ed Gumbrecht has doing music for a long time. Having written over thousand songs in rock, folk, country, and pop genres, Ed has become the master of songwriting. Having released two albums and a third one on the way, Ed has gained a huge audience with over 60k monthly listeners on Spotify. 

Ed Gumbrecht has just released his newest single titled “Enter the Muses. Let’s talk about the song and its ingredients in detail. The song begins with a folksy introduction featuring an acoustic guitar, an organ, a lovely lead guitar, and a drum roll. Ed’s vocals seamlessly transition in with the introduction. The melody is very beautiful and simple that carries the song till the end. The song has a lot of 80s folksy and rock vibe. The song has a lot of vocals harmonies and little guitar leads that fill the spaces well. The lyrics are beautifully written as well and have a hook that just clings to your mind. 

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Ed Gumbrecht’s “Enter the Muses” is a masterpiece of songwriting genius. A song you don’t want to miss listening to. 

Click here to listen to the song: 

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