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Frank Joshua-Wonderful You
Frank Joshua-Wonderful You
Frank Joshua-Wonderful You

Frank Joshua pens a love ballad for the decade with his latest single, “Wonderful You”

Frank Joshua reminds you that lyrics hold a lot of gravity in songs. In a time where hooks have become popular, he revisits pop as a poet. With proses turning to verses that carry soulful melodies, he has created a brand as an indie musician. From his compositions, you know exactly who you’re listening to. This is his latest single, Wonderful You.

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You could be naive enough to pass this off as some infatuation. It is this mainstay in his life, a muse for his music and a pulse to his day. Frank Joshua uses a floating, dreamy synth background on which minimal percussions lie. Consider it to be a musician’s version of a love letter. Interesting rhythm pockets keep you entertained as the lyrics weigh heavy. The instrumental part during the chorus is a dreamy escape-something that almost washes away from the song to become its own entity. It is brilliantly designed and displayed in its glory within the song, and it is the forging of a unique and absolute style that Frank has developed in these few years. As we progress, the song even edges to become a bit electronically heavy, reflecting the lyrics and the human condition as he starves for this art.

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Though his most popular single is Rain, Frank Joshua has some brilliant work in Patent Leather Car, Millionaire and You Are All I Need. Listen to this ballad writer with a Midas touch on his songs here with us. You might rarely find a musician with this kind of purpose and resolve composing today:

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