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Swedish artist Simon Andersson releases his new single “Try” 

Simon Andersson is an award-winning singer, songwriter, producer, and musician. Hailing all the way from Malmö, Sweden, Simon is a born rockstar as he received his first award at age 13. After graduating from music school and becoming a music producer, he received the “Best Song of The Year” award in 2013. Simon Andersson has been making music for a long time and keeps experimenting with his range. In 2019 he started working with different artists and DJs to explore different sounds. 

Simon Andersson has released several singles and an album called “A Brand New Day”. He is back with yet another masterpiece called “Try”. Let’s talk about the single and its ingredients in detail.  The song starts with a very mellow intro on some guitar and piano. A rising cymbal kicks in the vocals with the same in the background. The drums have a very pop feel to them and sound so great. The melody is very modern and beautiful that blends perfectly with Simon’s vocals. The chorus has a lot of power and energy and has a very catchy hook. The bridge of the song is so interesting as it keeps you hooked till the drop and fills in so much excitement.  

“Try” is a wonderfully made and produced song that showcases Simon’s creativity at its best. Its highly recommended to listen to the song:

Click here to listen to the song: 

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