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Israeli artist Fleanger released his new single “Fume” 

Fleanger is an amazing songwriter and music producer who is killing it on the electronic music scene. The Israeli-born artist is now living in Berlin and making music that connects with everyone. Fleanger makes electronic music but in his own style and has been received well by his audience. Drawings and graffiti eventually led Fleanger to learn piano and inspired him to make music. 

Fleanger has released several singles and an album called “So Am I”. He is back with yet another banger called “Fume”. Let’s talk about the song and its ingredients in detail. The song starts with a very atmospheric sounding pad and a lead on a synth. The intro builds a lot of intensity and soon the vocals kick with huge dreamy reverb and delay. The vocals are crisp and clean with a melody that suits the song perfectly. Soon the drums come with some different percussion as well. A loop of music continues for a long time, really settling in the vibes. “Fume” carries you into another dimension with its lush sounds that have been carefully crafted by Fleanger to deliver his creativity. And he has been able to do that perfectly and astonishingly. The song has everything a modern electronic fan would like to listen to.

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Fleanger has once again proved his ability to make a masterpiece and he will continue to do so. The latest track “Fume” is a must listen. 

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