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Feralman – Memories Remain | Cinematic Brilliance
Feralman – Memories Remain | Cinematic Brilliance

Feralman – Memories Remain | Cinematic Brilliance 

Feralman is an ardent singer, songwriter, guitarist, and musician. Being Walsh/Australian, Feralman is no stranger to the alt-folk indie genre of music. His music is the ultimate rendition of modern songwriting techniques blended with classic folk style. Feralman has been working alongside some renowned artists to make his art come alive. 

Feralman has released several singles and a full-length album called “Chapters 35-43” in the last couple of years. He is back with his crazy melancholic tune and mind-blowing cinematic feel, all packed up in the song called “Memories Remain”. 

The song is a brilliant work of pure art, talking about the details of the song. Its starts with a soft and mellow acoustic guitar with a deep and sad chord progression. The vocals begin right after the intro and the magic starts after this point. The vocals are deep and mesmerizing, and the countless layers of different harmonies make them sound so beautiful and eerie. The song really lifts up in the pre-chorus, the strings add up giving the song its cinematic feel. The melody steals the show, it has been made so beautifully and delicately, showcasing the brilliance of Feralman.

“Memories Remain” is a song that can be a soundtrack to a period drama film, everything is so well made and the production is just out of the world. It has a lot of small exquisite details that one can only appreciate after listening to the song. Feralman is a genius, he is creating a world of his own with his art. It is highly recommended to listen to the song once.

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