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Vallac – I Will Find You | The Ultimate Club Song

Luigi Vallario is also known by his stage name Vallac. Vallac’s journey to becoming a DJ has been exciting and extraordinary. He started working in the entertainment sector in 1993, doing little jobs to support big shows. He later established himself as a production manager in the industry, organizing world tours with legends like Peter Gabriel, Sting, Lady Gaga, and Red Hot Chilli Peppers. He began collaborating with Nek in 2017 after accepting an invitation to perform on stage. He made Vallac his persona to follow his dream of becoming a DJ and has worked hard to live up to that dream. Up until now, Vallac has held many evening and live performance exhibitions. Unrequited Love, his debut album, was released earlier in 2021.

Now he has released a new single, ‘I Will Find You.’ The beat goes off with a bang, and the drums will keep you bobbing your head no matter how hard you try to stop it. The synths and bassline are impeccable. When the song started, I was not expecting to hear vocals. But it was just icing on the cake. The drums are super interesting, and the synths are cleanly mixed. The vocals and instrumental parts fit very well together, making an excellent sound composition! The song’s pace is quick, but it doesn’t seem rushed at all. The piece builds up, and the beat drops, which is perfect. Vallac has left no stone unturned to get you hooked! ‘I Will Find You’ just has the right amount of sound effects, beats, and the addictive ambiance to make it the ultimate club song. I would suggest giving this one a listen and get lost in the out-of-the-world sonic experience!

Enjoy listening to ‘I Will Find You’ here.

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