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Sukh - Rendezvous
Sukh - Rendezvous

Sukh – Rendezvous | Hopeful

Manchester-based singer-songwriter Sukh creates music for the downhearted, the hopeful and the desolate. The musician returns to his discography following the release of his earlier single The Chain and his well-received 2021 full-length EP The Redux, with his latest track Rendezvous.

In Rendezvous, we see a characteristic combination between indie-folk, elements of classic folk and classic rock and electronic ambient music — imagine a contemporary take on seminal works of such artists like The Velvet Underground, Parekh and Singh and Nick Drake, and you should already be tempted to drop-by Sukh’s discography.

The three-minute track leads off with the artist’s mature, semi-baritone vocals assisted with moody downtempo electric guitar arpeggios and a reverberating echoed electronic soundscape that immerses the listener to the mid-way breakthrough into full-fledged classic rock — replete with overdriven guitar solos, pulsating percussive symphonies and synth waves that wash over the sound.

Sukh does not attempt to create extraordinary musical feats: instead, he manages to identify, be inspired by and reproduce some of the genre’s most heart-wrenching soundscapes in a manner that makes it truly unique to his discography. Simple, yet effectively tearjerking. 

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