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Eddz - Sorry
Eddz - Sorry

Eddz – Sorry | Resurgence

Northampton-based singer-songwriter and indie artist Eddz kicks off his solo project with his stellar single Sorry. Eddz is the solo project of Liam Taylor, who through his music, attempts to unify boundaries such as fashion, design art and visuals into one immersive experience.

Unlike most of the other soundscapes that have frankly been overused and overdone in the spectrum of alternative indie and alternative pop, Eddz manages to produce a uniquely distinct — and somewhat nostalgic sound — that quickly gets the listener’s attention over the other ho-hum indie that goes around in the emerging underground spaces. Characteristically, Sorry borrows some inspiration from both the early and the late 2000s — particularly when the track’s guitar and percussive arrangements. If you can imagine The Strokes’ Room on Fire in collaboration with MGMT’s Oracular Spectacular, Eddz’s sound should already be in your mind.

Spanning for three minutes, the track is defined best by the near emo-rock/pop-punk and even punk-rock sounding vocal performances, quickly rendering Taylor’s voice a distinct element that is sure to become popular not just in his fanbase but also in discussions about the genre. Thematically, Sorry is mildly introspective and self-questioning, where Taylor explores fallacies that dominate his life in an attempt to rectify them.

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