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Denquar - So This Is Love
Denquar - So This Is Love

Denquar – So This Is Love | Unwind

Danielle Chupak — known by her alias Denquar — wastes no time in restocking her discography since the release of her 2020 track Praying on Science with her latest — So This Is Love.

The four-minute track opens up with a pentatonic electric guitar riff and is quickly married to Denquar’s soulful vocals. The track is characteristically a mixture of pop and neo-soul, with a hint of modern Rhythm and Blues. The lo-fi percussive elements in the track perform brilliantly to offer the track’s backbone, accompanied occasionally with brass, strings and an extremely recognizable bass filler. So This Is Love is an incredibly soothing and mellow track — a number made for moody introspections or to play in the backgrounds of gatherings. The track showcases Denquar’s vocal abilities which crest and trough throughout the track; the arrangement of the track has got that traditional ability of neo-soul and R&B to unwind and loosen up. Denquar sets up an immersive soundscape in the outro with the inclusion of thoughtfully placed harmonies and creating a collective swing through the instrumentation as the number draws to a close. 

With a very interesting story behind her stage name, Denquar is crafting a very neatly arranged discography. Check out So This Is Love here: 

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