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Ruiz! "Love Is Blind"
Ruiz! "Love Is Blind"
Ruiz! "Love Is Blind"

Ruiz! Unravels that “Love Is Blind” in Trippy Indie Pop Number

Ruiz!’s latest indie pop release, “Love is Blind,” showcases that Sheffield, UK based artist is a master composer and performer. The song delves into the supposed eternal nature of love and the challenges of maintaining relationships amidst the trials and dilemmas of living. The lyrics offer a poignant reflection on coming to terms with broken relationships. To realize that one must move on and evading the reality of the situation.

Musically, the song is a catchy synth-pop track that features Ruiz!’s trademark fusion of genres, including elements of retro rock, pop, psychedelic music, punk, and funk. With an upbeat tempo and a memorable chorus, “Love is Blind” is sure to get stuck in your head. The song runs for under three and a half minutes, and sweeps you away with the emotion and musicality. The arrangement and production brings out the spice in the percussive rhythmic aspects. The Arturia keyboard features prominently in the song giving it a unique sound. The song is a perfect showcase of his abilities as an artist and the passion for creating music that is both powerful and expressive.

What’s more, there is an accompanying video directed by Tony Fitzgerald that would give some shrooms a run for their money and enlighten you at the same time. Overall, “Love is Blind” is a standout release from Ruiz! that will appeal to fans of electronic and indie music alike. The song’s songwriting, heartfelt expression, and imaginative visuals all come together to make this a fantastic single that is worth listening to on repeat.

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