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Numb by Dark Optics
Numb by Dark Optics

Dark Optics’ ‘Numb’: An Unforgettable Trippy Ride Through Electronic Music

Introducing the mesmerizing sounds of Dark Optics – the brainchild of the exceptionally talented musician and producer, L. Davies. With a unique blend of Trip-hop, Rock, Instrumental Hip-hop and Experimental Down-tempo music, Dark Optics delivers an unparalleled listening experience. Drawing inspiration from diverse genres and eras, this musical sensation incorporates spoken word poetry and elements of world music to create a captivating and distinct sound. Dark Optics is a truly immersive musical journey that will leave you entranced and enthralled. Experience the magic of Dark Optics today and discover a whole new world of musical possibilities.

Dark Optics’ “Numb” is a sonic odyssey that transcends the boundaries of electronic music, taking listeners on a cerebral journey through uncharted musical landscapes. The opening notes of the panning, ethereal synth scape immediately immerse you in a dreamscape of sound that defies conventional genres. The song has a psychedelic edge that transports you on a trippy ride, merging electronic and rock music in a unique fusion that’s all its own.

The verbal delivery of the repeated phrase “Numb” is nothing short of mesmerizing, drawing you further into the sonic web that Dark Optics weaves with each passing second. The layers, twists, and turns throughout the song are constantly shifting and evolving, keeping your mind engaged and your senses alert.

The bassline slows down the tempo at just the right moments, allowing you to catch your breath and reflect on the journey so far. But just when you think you’ve got a handle on things, the beat drops and the song picks up again, demanding that you move and dance along with it.

The repeated lines of the song create a hypnotic quality that’s impossible to resist, pulling you deeper and deeper into its hypnotic spell. Dark Optics’ “Numb” is a must-listen for anyone who appreciates electronic music or is looking for a truly unique and captivating musical experience.

Enjoy listening to Numb by Dark Optics here.

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