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Murnau-Baltic Sea | Silence between waves

Murnau show you that with less, they can make a whole not. Not more, because they have the ability to strip it down as well. Being a two piece grunge metal band, they know what they can use to their advantage. With melodic riffs and simple instrumentals, the inspired duo make distinctive, characterized sound. This is their new single, Baltic Sea.

Let’s begin with their 2019 album, Static. Songs like Faust define their sound at that time, with an Alice in Chains spine and a whole lot of gain to the guitar. It’s a different kind of melody, and listeners wait with bated breath for more. 2021 rolls around, mostly at a sluggish pace. Salamander is their album release, and they are finding those Soundgarden & Temple of The Dog riffs to lead their sound. From the repetition of hooks in Static to the melodic claws in Salamander, they’ve traversed quite a bit. What next?

Baltic Sea is a reflection of the developments since then. Murnau have found meaning within the melody, and the songwriting is concise and lethal. There is a search for sound that they will never rest, for it leads to new treasure every time. Baltic Sea is no different, it makes space in your mind for the expanse to withhold in its glamour. The control on the distortion is where the real growth lies, the profound difference tone brings in. Maybe change the name to Poseidon, for this sea is your kingdom now.

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