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Late Hala-Dark Clouds
Late Hala-Dark Clouds
Late Hala-Dark Clouds

Late Hala-Dark Clouds | Suspend in mid-air

Late Hala has the ability to personify his art as the radio. He can synthesize several years of pop and rock music to create something truly reminiscent of the art it succeeds. Instead of going completely techno, he uses the multiple instruments he uses to create a dense atmosphere. Dark Clouds is a gentle storm, brewing from the instruments and his lyricism.

His single from 2019 had a double release, Fold and Don’t Look Now. It is a highly underrated track, and that is usually norm for indie artists. Late Hala has managed to merge the accompaniments of Thom Yorke. His lyricism are of the British pop-rock era, Gallagher brother style. With the instruments taking a higher strata, Late Hala glides like an expert within the clouds that he creates with his suspended aerodynamics. After all, his clouds change form.

The guitars are in a state of metamorphosis as well, sounding like Gilmours strings in some moments or R.E.Ms Peter Buck, all within the same track. To choose the personality the strings will take is all credited to the artist, creating different playgrounds for the same instrument to shine through.

Mathias ‘Bang’ Madsen assists Late Hala on the drums, a simple percussion that shines the spotlight even brighter on this track. Have it on tape or CD when I was growing up, I would have bootlegged the crap out of it. Having its own identity in many ways, “don’t forget to breathe” is the lingering sentiment. It is ironic, satirist and tells a lot about the songwriting force that he reckons to be.

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