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Bloodlin3 are a powerhouse prose machine with their latest album, “Mercy”

Bloodlin3 is a group that has to be watched out for. Surgical lyrics, well produced instrumentals and styles create an infusion for the internet as well as earlier generations. Inspired by Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Three 6 Mafia, Eminem and other lyrical masters, there is no doubt they will be the pump you need to be infused with. This is their collaboration filled album, Mercy.

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The nine songs on this album are a reminder of how a story needs to be told with an album. With a haunting intro, they announce their entry like Three Six would. It is foreboding, special and a classy statement. Joyce Woods adds the mystique to the track. Bizzy Bone and AC Killer lay down some killer verses with Bloodlin3 for Execution Day. With minimal beats, the compact and prose writing prowess is on full display. Of course, they are always in their element-bringing their best for every verse. Signature rhyming styles make it unique, but a melting point of modes. A softer R&B core remains in Where Did All My Homies Go. The chorus itself is an emotional one, while the reminiscing relates to some killer writing. 

The fire in full flow

When it bleeds into Panic Attack-you get an amalgam of styles that reminds you of Bloodline3 and their talent. Young Collage features, a heavier, slower style of execution. It is smart, operative and turns beats and pace whenever it has to. The beat is just their canvas, and this art isn’t for sale. Please Don’t Bother Me is another plaque of pride for Bloodlin3. LaRoyce “Rausko” Flemons brings the flavour in this one.

This group opens pockets and sets up other rappers in the most brilliant of ways. Collaborations that LL Cool J come to mind-where the flow is one between the collaborators. Take Me Away is another solo track, with some of the most wholesome instrumental parts and production. It echoes, punches with the verse lines and keeps the gravity tight within the track. It is one of their best on the album without a doubt, and they have always pushed for changing and making their sound better.

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Bloodlin3 change the vibe when needed

I Understand gives us a peek at an emotional, soothing performance by Bloodlin3, Jaelyn E. & Samantha. It has a smooth soul and R&B feel to it that offsets the fury of some of the other tracks. They spell range with their writing style and skills. When we reach Until I Fall, you get back the rise they receded from. This album has been composed very well that way, brining to notice some really great elements of this hip-hop style that this group is executes like stalwarts. A Swimahouse Remix of Execution Day closes out the album. It is stronger, energetic and brings the people to move. 

Their album is already received really well and has plenty of streams. You can hear their songs on many Spotify playlists, and their page has the whole collection together. Listen to their album here and follow them for more killer verses!:

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