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rachel davie lee- found my day here
rachel davie lee- found my day here

Escape the Chaos with Rachel Davie Lee’s Soothing Single: ‘Found My Way Here’

Meet Rachel Davie Lee a great classical crossover performer who perfectly integrates classical technique with contemporary sounds. With a rich heritage combining Jamaican/Guyanese and Scottish roots, Rachel’s musical journey has been shaped by diverse influences from an early age. While she enjoys singing in a number of genres, her current focus is on R&B, Soul, and Pop.  She released her debut EP in 2021.  Produced in Atlanta by the acclaimed Jeremy Hicks (Try Bishop), this EP includes a compelling blend of soul, R&B, dance, and pop. Rachel’s outstanding skill and unwavering dedication earned her the coveted honor of Prospect Radio’s ‘Artist of the Month’ in November 2021, as they recognized the exceptional quality of every track on her EP.

Rachel’s latest single, “Found My Day Here,” is an incredible gem that embodies the essence of tranquillity. The song welcomes listeners on an introspective journey with its compelling melodies, delicate keys, and genuine emotions. Rachel’s strong and emotional vocals effortlessly draw you in, while the calming piano work creates an ambiance of pure melodic delight.

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This lovely song has the potential to calm your soul, bringing some much-needed respite from the hustle and bustle of daily life. The lyrics, which are simple yet powerful, give a message that is easily understood. Rachel recounts her own path of navigating the intricacies of the past and the present through her music, ultimately achieving harmony and acceptance. “The future is still wrapped in gold” acts as an optimistic slogan, encouraging listeners to embrace hope and let go of the past.

Whether you’re feeling down and in need of a light push or simply looking for solace, press play and allow the song’s melodies to wrap around you like a warm embrace. As you do so, enjoy a steaming cup of coffee and let “Found My Day Here” surround you in its relaxing embrace.

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Enjoy listening to “Found My Day Here” by Rachel Davie Lee here.

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