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Ty Thom-First Day
Ty Thom-First Day
Ty Thom-First Day

Ty Thom-First Day | A cool rush

Ty Thom created one of my favorite tracks last month, Bet On Me. Depending on his lyrical delivery, complex, meaningful lines and a great R&B background, Ty Thom knows how to make the metronome’s count count. This is his latest single with Micks, First Day. Prepare yourself for some old school hip-hop infused magic.

First Day rolls out the vinyl scratch as a light effect. Given the intriguing background he has used for this track, it goes really well. Hope he presses this single onto vinyl. Breaking out of the corporate web that entangles a good part of the population everywhere, Ty Thom appreciates this stream of consciousness that he can follow. As a dream and nurturing every moment, the background harmonics suit the track as well.

If this is your first time listening to Ty, you’re in for a treat. This artist treats every song as a new philosophical approach, breaking away from the popular topics of money, drugs and booze. It seems like a poem penned at the dawn of realization, and Ty is a master with rhymes. He’s released an album a year every year since 2017, so don’t think it’ll be different this time around. He’s had some deliberation, and we’ve had a good wait.

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