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Dax-Dear Alcohol
Dax-Dear Alcohol
Dax-Dear Alcohol

Dax-Dear Alcohol | A step at a time

A self imposed thought chain will take you places. Alcohol has the power to do so, with absolutely all of the side effects. If Dax is someone you’re hearing for the first time, you’re lying or living under a rock. You might have heard any of his popular single take remixes from Dr. Dre to Eminem. He has also quite the footprint in music festivals. This is his latest single, Dear Alcohol.

Dax pens a heartfelt letter to the elixir, while having a truly engaging soulful sound. The background is a powerful instrumental that flows into a series of beats, with Dax on his toes. He talks about this poison taking over, him not being able to face versions of himself he calls demons. The chord progression is a beautiful, simple one. If this is his personal statement with addiction, it is a strong motion of art where realization dawns. A moment where life inspires art and vice versa.

You might know of Dax from his rise to fame with She Cheated Again, You Should Have Known and My Last Words among many others. With the power to make stadiums chant his songs in unison, this Canadian rapper is soon to take the throne over from Drake. Notorious and popular for his feud with KSI, Dax shows us time and again that it takes nerves of steel to make it in this game.

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