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Cindy-Louise - Humanity
Cindy-Louise - Humanity

Cindy-Louise – Humanity | Dynamic Genius

Cindy-Louise is an Independent Pop singer-songwriter hailing from South Africa. While Cindy was born in South Africa, she recorded her debut album, Humanity, in The Netherlands. The album features 10 tracks with a total run time spanning just over 38 minutes. Additionally, Jacaranda FM has featured her music on the radio and Huisgenoot magazine has too.

Humanity begins on Stay Awhile, an emotional song that starts off rather dark but moves closer to the light. It sounds like the perfect intro to the album, much like the opening sequence to a play or a film. The piano and lingering tones in the background accentuate the heavy emotional atmosphere. Cindy-Louise has a voice that commands strength even through times when she’s scared and all alone. Similarly, in Heartache, she creates a tough, hardened persona. The instrumental backs this up with a slightly more involved instrumental.

The Mask is one of the most beautiful pieces I’ve heard. The guitar and piano dynamic is absolutely sublime. The percussions add so much depth to the rhythm section while Cindy-Louise takes it away with her voice. The song is so dynamic and has such brilliant movements. The song is almost rhapsodic with the various changes, it feels like an entire storyline in itself. However, we see something different in Scream. It seems like a rather R&B designed beat to go with Cindy’s, already, beautiful voice. It’s something that catches you off guard at first but is also a pleasant surprise.

Where Have All The People Gone is a Swing song with so much groove. The song immerses you in a trance that allows you to just vibe along with it. Moreover, there is so much Soul in this song. Cindy-Louise is insanely talented, with so much to offer her audience. Where Have All The People Gone is a track filled with musical nuance and expertise. Unsurprisingly, the next track on the album, I Can’t Hear You Anymore, is a wholly different song. Cindy-Louise showcases a bunch of different genres and she does them all with such ease! Moving towards a more Blues vibe with a whole lot of Soul, this track is an absolute joy to listen to.

We Have The Power is probably the most Pop-like song on the album. It still has somewhat experimental elements that create a really pleasant atmosphere. The song is a whole lot more electronic but still sounds like Cindy-Louise. It blows my mind how amazingly talented she is! She goes from making a song like Make It out Here Alive with a load of different elements to We Have The Power like it’s nobody’s business.

The last two tracks on the album, Just Relax and Loving Me In Everyway are also such unpredictable tracks. Cindy-Louise has such a dynamic personality throughout the album but stays true to herself entirely. This entire album has been a treat to my ears and brain. There’s so much to unpack and perfect for theorists and fans alike.

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