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Naomi Cheyanne - See You Later
Naomi Cheyanne - See You Later

Naomi Cheyanne – See You Later | Groovy

Naomi Cheyanne is an R&B and Pop singer based in Los Angeles, California. She considers herself a diverse creative which can be seen in her music. Her songs are filled with so much substance and character. Moreover, she crafts an atmosphere of such care and consideration that you feel safe all the time. While most kids were out playing, Naomi would write songs and then followed that dream. She has written for independent musicians and even produced across different genres.

Her latest single, See You Later, is a groovy piece with a lot of character. She creates a rather light atmosphere while her powerful, yet soothing voice guides you through the song. The production work has been a delight. The dynamics are incredibly placed with light bits of percussion thrown in. Naomi Cheyanne has a lovely flow that comforts you throughout the track. Her backing vocals add to this with a lot of intensity and emotion. Daniel Robert has added his bits of genius to the song giving it some more depth and expertise.

Naomi Cheyanne is a phenomenal artist with so much talent. Her voice is incredible and her beats are deep and relaxing. While she creates her music, Naomi offers a unique sound that not a lot of musicians can replicate really well. Her ability to swing elements from different genres into her music is simply impeccable. You can find more of her music on streaming platforms.

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