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Amber T – Broken Dreams | Cheerful Vibes

Amber T‘s latest single, ‘Broken Dreams,’ transports us to a realm of truthfulness and courage, allowing us to truly express our vulnerabilities and worries while maintaining a bright grin. Though the writing is a tad on the intense side, the brightness and upbeat groove guarantee that the atmosphere remains pleasant and optimistic. The song is quite skilfully crafted, with a lot of simplicity in the lyrics. However, every word displays such excellent ideas and fills our hearts with feelings that the song catches our interest. Amber’s boldness in expressing such delicate and sensitive ideas without any filters is also admirable. Every listener would be moved by her authenticity and conviction in her writing and performance.

Amber’s vocal delivery fascinates me because she achieves such a perfect balance between the touchpoint of the writing’s emotions and the feel of the arrangement. She delivered her message in a compelling manner while maintaining a pleasant listening atmosphere. This, I believe, is the first engaging moment where listeners will be eager to offer their ears. In terms of production, the guitars take care of harmonic content, the rhythm is tight, and the dynamics are excellent, blending smoothly with the vocals. All of these aspects, I believe, came together brilliantly and made the appropriate impression for a listener to get totally engaged with the music. This song would undoubtedly make an impression on listeners.

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