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Lapels – The Life and Times | Notions with nuances

Lapels, an indie pop band, has released ‘The Life and Times,’ a strong new single. The song accurately depicts and brings to life the nuances of existence in the times we are living in. Nathan, Andy, Will, and Adam make up the band, and they all write their original pieces of music together. The level of honesty, passion, and relevancy included in their songs is extraordinary, which piqued my interest in them and their music. With such ease in word choice, they express volumes and transport us to a world of multiple thoughts. These multi-layered ideas help to create a stronger bond with the writing. The pictures that the lines conjure up are really compelling, and they have the ability to propel the listener along with the tune as it evolves.

The guitars essentially round the arrangements. I thought the vocal performances were really natural and gave us a sense of openness, which helped to bring the emotional impact to life for me. Eventually, more layers of guitars are added, along with organ, to give the production a warmer tone. The drums add a lot to the experience because the arrangement is so well-written. Even I felt the variations to be really well thought out, and they ultimately strike us hard and have a strong impact. On the record, the band is extremely tight and synchronised. The sound would surely appeal to a wide range of listeners across a variety of genres. The atmosphere, when backed up by solid songwriting aspects, will undoubtedly resonate with listeners.

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