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TRKSTR-Tricks & Riddles
TRKSTR-Tricks & Riddles
TRKSTR-Tricks & Riddles

TRKSTR (ft. ekove)-Tricks & Riddles | Lyrical combat

TRKSTR is quick, dry and full of firepower. Song after song, he has been improving his lyrics and background, creating exciting segues and moments. He collaborates with ekove for his latest single, Tricks & Riddles, and its a blend of soul and the best of De La Soul and A Tribe Called Quest.

Influenced by the floating background of jazz and soul, TRKSTR creates a lyrical offset that is profound and smooth transition. Aided only by the bass, it is easy to hear only TRKSTR and his musical perfection coming from the Kendrick Lamar and Q-Tip focus on words. Miss a line and you lose context, the flow is dynamic but frozen in parts. It is a play on contrasts that TRKSTR has realized to master as a con-man.

It is not difficult to lose your sense of lyrical identity, especially in this genre. Speaking truth to nature, it is an escape for introverts and liberates the artist. This artist is no different, getting more comfortable with the innate sense of beat rappers possess.

Releasing four singles last year, he starts this year off with a fresh delivery and vibe behind the motive. He creates catacombs more complex from his prior singles, and they’re bound to hook people onto this kind of sound that is a lost art. Scoob and Clouds are two singles that I found having an imposing yet beautiful style to aid the vocal delivery, and I am all for it.

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