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Kahnin - I Am
Kahnin - I Am
Kahnin - I Am

Kahnin – I Am

The latest single by Kahnin, I Am, is an easy-listening song that showcases the brilliance of lyricism, resulting from an entirely imaginary prediction of the state of our world in the future. Kahnin is the artist name of singer-songwriter Gudmundur Jens Gudmundsson who hails from the beautiful country of Iceland.

Through the song I Am, Kahnin portrays a creatively imagined perspective of the dystopian modern world and its future. This song portrays the possible ill effects of the rapid advancement of hacking technology on humankind in the future. Therefore, it focuses on an imaginary, futuristic world, where by hacking technology, humanity slips into being under involuntary control. However, it is terrifying to imagine being a part of such a time when technology controls every human activity. Kahnin portrays it to us through a very soothing composition and an excellent video that, to some extent, braces the horrors of the probability of such happenings.

The song’s most attractive feature, along with its hard-hitting lyrics, is the simplicity of the composition. Precisely, the concept of the song is brought out thoroughly due to the musical elements not overpowering the vocals. After all, the voice offers us the poetic narration of the concept behind the song. So, if you are also eager to explore this well-imagined dystopian future of humanity, join Kahnin in the song I Am and pay a visit to the future through this track. You can listen to it here:

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