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Alec Berlin – Beat Confabulator (ALL NIGHT ON THE FLOOR)
Alec Berlin – Beat Confabulator (ALL NIGHT ON THE FLOOR)

Alec Berlin – Beat Confabulator (ALL NIGHT ON THE FLOOR) 

Alec berlin is a legendary guitarist based in New York City. Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Alec moved to NYC after completing his Master’s in Jazz performance. His music is purely instrumental, creating melodies and compositions that have so much power to rock. Hopping on to NYC’s gigging culture, Alec started performing in Broadways and soon play with some legends like Elton John, James Taylor, Rob Thomas, and Ben Folds and even appeared on shows like The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, The Late Show with David Letterman and many more. 

Alec Berlin has been releasing songs on Spotify for a long time now and is back with his new album called “Beat Confabulator (ALL NIGHT ON THE FLOOR)”. Let’s talk about the single “Beat Confabulator (ALL NIGHT ON THE FLOOR)” in detail. The song starts with kind of a psychedelic rock intro on guitar, pads, and drums. The beat drops and an amazing guitar riff enters with full power followed by drums. A guitar lead with 80s bass carries the intro forward in a rocking style. The melody is so groovy with everything so guitar driven. The influence of jazz is so prominent on the track as Alec uses his skills of jazz to the fullest. The use of different styles of guitar playing is so genius and Alec does it so flawlessly. An interesting guitar piece comes in the last part of the song that seems to be played on a clean guitar tone that just perfectly blends in. “Beat Confabulator (ALL NIGHT ON THE FLOOR)” is a masterpiece that you cannot miss listening to. 

Alec Berlin never fails to impress with his guitar skills as well as his compositions. A legendary guitar player and a phenomenal musician. 

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