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Indie folk artist, Birds Are Better releases new single “Seven in the Morning”

Birds Are Better is an amazing solo project by the singer, songwriter, and musician, Stian Fjelldal. Based out of Norway, Stian is a creative genius who loves to make music so different and unique. Blending in different genres like traditional folk with power pop and indie pop. Birds Are Better came into existence in 2022 and has gained quite a spot in the indie music scene. 

Birds Are Better has released several singles, all of which have been hit. His latest release is called “Seven in the Morning”. Let’s talk about the song and its ingredients in detail.  

The song starts with a lush atmospheric pad and a bass on a drum machine. The intro is simple and layered which makes it so beautiful. Soon the vocals kick in with an acoustic guitar. Stian’s vocals are mesmerizing with a very soothing voice. The melody has very distinct melancholic indie elements that make it sound so amazingly soulful. The song rises after the first half the song with otherworldly elements that create a beautiful musical piece. “Seven in the Morning” is short but a beautiful song that reminds me of early summer mornings. 

Birds Are Better is a project that has so much potential to be a big player in the indie music scene. Stian Fjelldall is the genius behind this project and will carry it to the ultimate heights. The song “Seven in the Morning” is a must-listen song for all indie fans.

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