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Kurt Gott – Christine | A perfect Tribute
Kurt Gott – Christine | A perfect Tribute
Kurt Gott – Christine | A perfect Tribute

Kurt Gott – Christine | A perfect Tribute 

Kurt Gott is an ardent singer, songwriter, guitarist, and musician from Massachusetts. Now based in South Florida, Kurt is working as a full-time musician after quitting his job in television operations for 27 years. His music can be defined as a blend of rock and country with hints of blues. With influences like The Beatles, the Allman Brothers, the Eagles, Tom Petty, and many more. 

Kurt Gott has devoted all his time to music and has released two albums in the last couple of years. His latest release is a single called “Christine” featuring Cary Scope. A tribute to the renowned musician Christine McVie. Let’s talk about the song and its ingredients in detail.  

The song starts with a beautiful riff on a piano with 80s-style drums and guitar. The riff is catchy and has mesmerizing chord progression. Soon the vocals kick with a powerful melody and amazing vocals of Kurt. The chord progression definitely has some influence by The Eagles and gives it a very vintage vibe. The chorus comes in powerfully with harmonies and very emotional lyrics. The piano carries the song throughout and gives the emotion it needs. The song has a very impactful instrumental bridge with an acoustic guitar solo. The song ends with its last verse reminiscing about Christine and her journey and keeping her music alive. 

 Kurt Gott and Cary Scope paid a perfect tribute to the late Christine McVie. It’s a song you don’t want to miss listening to. 

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