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Signal Static – Objects Of Affection

Signal Static is a three piece band which is known for their intricate musical creations that binds the listeners in a unique enchantment. The combine hard rock, punk, and alternative rock with elements of metal, grunge and electronic music that results in something very unique. They have found a way to to fuse genres that has resulted in a genre of their own that is amusing. Their discography is a vivid display of two singles and a whole album that digs deep into musicality and lyricism. Their tracks will blow your mind away with their distinctive approach towards music.

Signal Static recently released their new single which is named Objects Of Affection which is one of their best works yet. The track goes heavy on drums, guitar and vocals. The way this track is structured will surely amaze you if you love to listen to convoluted yet deep music. The track has some magnificent guitar riffs that will caress your soul and make your head bang on it’s own. The drums are incorporated into the track with beauty and the way the drums carry the whole track makes me believe that this band is soon going to be topping the charts. The vocals are great and compliment the whole vibe of the track. Signal Static has surely done a great job in making Objects Of Affection a masterpiece that will blow several minds away. The lyrics are my favorite part of the track. It is written with allot of though and that is what I appreciate the most. Do give this track a go!

We had a chance to have a little chat with Static Signal and this is how it went –

  1. Your tracks always have a meaning to it which are purely open to perception. How would you describe your recent piece of art?

Objects of Affection is a song that was born out of a dark time that the band experienced, but more importantly it’s about things which are constantly being experienced by women and AFAB individuals at the hands of manipulative and predatory men.

We encountered it sort of second hand when the person who ran a record label we had signed with turned out to be a serial abuser and predator of young women in our local music scene under the guise of being a “mentor”. Digging deeper it becomes very quickly apparent that this is an experience that is common in all manner off contexts, and it’s a problem that men need to call out and push against.

The song itself is energetic but dark, and it targets the personalities that perpetuate relationship abuse and sexual exploitation, hence the allusion in the video to predators both animal and human.

  1. I can clearly sense that this is the music that is coming straight out of the heart. How do you start with your music? What’s your procedure?

We’re a very collaborative band, and we put a high priority on reinforcing each other’s ideas to create the best songs possible. No matter who comes up with a riff or a lyric or a melody, it all ends up having the entire band’s DNA in every song.

We’ve also put a lot of effort and investment into creating our own setup for recording, and as that system has improved so has our ability to quickly generate and build on new ideas, and eventually to record and produce those ideas in their best form possible. Once we’ve recorded and produced the artistic side of a track we send it to our mixing engineer who does his own kind of magic, and voila, a song is born!

  1. What fuels your spark to make music that touches hearts?

At the end of the day I think that’s what most artists are trying to do in one way or another. For us, we’re all extremely creative people who spend a lot of time watching what’s going on with the people around us, and in the world in general, and trying to make sense out of it.

Our songs tend to focus on what makes humans human, and really on trying to be the best humans we can. Amplifying marginalized voices and calling out bad actors is a huge and very important part of that, as well as exploring our own experiences and putting them into some kind of context.

  1. How did you guys meet and start creating music?

Ryan had been in previous projects with Gino which ended when Gino had to move off of the island, then later in a band called Year of the Rat with Randy for a year or so. Ryan introduced the two of them at his wedding in the summer of 2015, after Gino had moved back into town, and the three of us started jamming shortly after that. Now it has been seven years and we’re still at it!

With Ryan switching from bass to lead vocals due to the departure of our previous vocalist during the pandemic lockdown, he started talking to his favourite local bass player community and was very fortunate to attract the attention of our new fancy bassist, Alex.

  1. What is the message you want to give to your listeners and the readers of this blog?

We make music that we want to hear, first and foremost, but if you’re listening, we appreciate you. Our goal is to be intensely truthful, even if that means calling out our own behaviour from time to time. That’s important, and that’s why we do this. We hope you join us on the trip!

You can catch a little glimpse of Objects Of Affection here-

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