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Sam Mulligan – Snowball Season | Experimental Epitome

Sam Mulligan is an artist who makes music by intertwining Gameboy beats and guitar riffs that are innovative. Sam’s discography is a vivid array of 6 singles, 2 EP and an album which are all so unique and fresh that you would never have listened to anything like it before! He is known for his experimental approach that is so amazing that it will make your feet move and leave you in amazement. His melodies are simple yet so impactful. The way he carries the track is ecstatic and surely something new. This is something that everyone should explore!

I came across this amazing artist through his single Snowball Season which was released on February 5th 2021. The track surely made me scan his whole discography and I must say, I’m impressed by his unique sense of musicality. The track Snowball Season starts off with a game melody which is subtly joined by vocals that are engineered to perfection to create the vibe of the track. The way the guitars kick in is what made me loose my mind. The guitars are intertwined into the track like it had always been there. The artist took a whole different approach and switched the tempo mid-track and it sounds great! This is an amazing track that deserves all the appreciation in the world. Do give this track a go and trust me you will discover something really unique and distinctive. The track ends with beauty with all the elements blasting yet creating a soothing feel.

You can catch a little glimpse of Snowball Season by Sam Mulligan here-

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