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Mars Valencia – Last Night in Lisboa

Mars Valencia is an artist who was born in south London who is spreading like forest fire in the hip-hop scene with his razor sharp bars. Mars studied production and music business for 4 years before releasing the EP, ‘Welcome to Mars’. Mars Valencia has produced the whole EP on his own. His tracks are rich in deep lyricism and ecstatic melodies that dig deep into feelings. The way he creates music that is packed with messages that are supposed to be heard by millions is just spellbinding. You will surely be amazed to witness such an amazing artist doing his thing with such heavy vision. Do explore his discography, you will be thrilled to add such music to your library.

” Mars Valencia is a magician when it comes to making tracks that can bring about a revolution.”

I was introduced to this amazing artist through his latest track which is named Last Night in Lisboa which is surely one of his best tracks yet. I was surely left spellbound after listening to this track. The track has some amazing melodies and drums that will keep you tied to the seat throughout the ride. The lyrics are well structured and delivered with great impact. There are very less rappers that really talk about what matters and Mars is one of them. This is what made me explore his entire discography which includes 2 EPs and 4 singles. This artist is surely something to be heard by the masses. You can catch a little glimpse of Last Night in Lisboa by Mars Valencia here-

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