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Lilith Max – Storybook | The Theatrical Narration

Lilith Max is an artist who weaves music that is rich in drama, melody, lyricism and musicality. She is known for her innovative approach towards music and that is what makes her tracks so special. She started her glamorous journey through a film role at a very young age. She started writing poems and expressing her emotions and narrating her stories. This is where she discovered her flame for music and started making tracks of her own. Her music is surely distinctive and immersive. Her Discography is a rich display of 7 singles and an EP that are all so good that you will loose yourself amidst the intense musicality and heart-felt lyricism.

I came across this amazing artist through her latest release which is an EP named Storybook which has some of her best works yet. She is a mastermind when it comes to structuring a play. The whole EP is interconnected with intricacy.

The EP starts off with the track named Big Bad Wolf which is the first track of the EP and is surely my favorite track of all. The mellow violin and the subtle keys create the whole vibe of the track. The track surely is dramatic enough to make you jump off your seat and bite your nails off your fingers.

Big Bad Wolf is followed by the track Sacrifice which is a different viewpoint of the first track. Lilith Max is surely a genius with a vivid capability to create art so intricate. Sacrifice is packed with deep emotions and the way it is delivered will surely pierce into your heart.

The third track on the EP is named Ice Age. The track is a soothing track which will make you sway with joy. The track surely has allot of parts where Lilith beautifully modulates her vocals incurring some contrasting confidence. This is what makes her stand out of the crowd.

Ice Age is followed by one of the most powerful tracks of the EP that is named Champagne & Cigarettes. The track has some immersive elements that will carry your heart to a whole different realm and blur the silver lining between reality and ecstasy. This is surely a track that will break all the charts and be on top for days! Do give this track a go!

The last track on the EP is named The Cautionary Tale which is one of the best ways to wrap up such a beautiful EP. This track is the most soothing of all and brings the curve down with beauty. The gentle let down of the energy is what we expect from an outro and Lilith stood up to all the expectations with such an amazing outro.

Storybook is surely a great EP with some great tracks. The EP is like a hurricane of emotions that will spin you around while you weep with sorrow and yet giggle with joy. This is surely an EP that is too good to be real, it surely feels like something pulled out of a dream. Do give this EP a go and trust me, you will keep playing it on repeat!

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