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Glasi - Something Real
Glasi - Something Real

Glasi – Something Real | Dance

Glasi makes use of trance elements that give this song a club vibe. Something Real is a track that belongs to the clubs. Its upbeat nature, paired with Glasi’s soothing vocals make you want to hit the dancefloor. German-based artist, Glasi, has entrancing drops that make you jump. Something Real is definitely one of those tracks you’d be listening to on the beaches of Goa, similar to Benny Benassi. The track starts out dark but slowly makes its way into something you can into a groove with. Glasi seems to indulge in quick builds and short drops that really catch you off-guard the first couple of times, but grow on you the more you listen to it. Inspired by the likes of Avicii and LIZOT, Glasi’s music strives to get you singing along while dancing. After his newfound growth in the scene with his first track Sweetest Temptations reaching over 400,000 streams on multiple platforms, Glasi has been reaching newer heights with more and more people becoming fans. Quite honestly, as a fan of psytrance, Glasi gets the basslines right and his countermelodies with his vocals go all the way. These contrasts are what give you something real, something you can feel. Playing this in the background while you work or work out is definitely a recommendation as the beats will definitely get you in the zone. It’s also one of those tracks that you can just play in the background or just listen to much like the club mixes of old songs like Heaven or Heaven Is A Place On Earth.

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