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Nicole Issa – Home

“Home”, is the latest single release by singer-songwriter and session vocalist, Nicole Issa, this year. She started out busking and performing live in Sydney with a bunch of different musical acts before making her way into Australia’s music scene. Now she performs professionally as a backing singer and songwriter, and, as she mentioned earlier, loves bringing people joy though her story.

Nicole’s vocals soar along with a wistful piano that sounds slightly sad in the beginning of “Home”. It’s really nice how the instruments in the track create a little tension set in an enjoyable yet melancholic space. The snaps play an important role in the song – quite suitable as a tuneful metronome! As the song progresses into the pre-chorus, some automated strings make their way in, well-compressed, and without overpowering the rest of the song – commendable mixing! A great example of a proper use of harmony and ad-libs here, very simple yet effective.

I have to mention the section at the end where the vocals are a bit too wet! It shouldn’t really work drowning the vocals in reverb, but somehow in this track is sounds simply amazing.

The fullness of everything in the mix makes the track seem like a complete commercial record that would kill it on the radio or even at a festival. If you enjoy soft-pop and listening to a soothing voice, then this track is for you. Nicole’s vocals are close to perfect and honestly, it’s a song that might heal you if you’re missing home!

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