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Kid Souf – Stalker | Groovy

Known for his releases “Better as Friends” and “Tomato Potato”, Philadelphia-based artist Kid Souf released a brand new single titled “Stalker”. This singer-songwriter blends Philly grit, pop from the 2010s, and electro from Berlin for a new take on a classic sound. “Stalker” features modern electronic beats, lush vocals and a groovy guitars.

The track starts with funky electric guitar progression and a bass over a big drum rhythm comprising of a deep kick and various percussive elements. Kid Souf’s strong vocals kick in right after the intro and his vocal delivery is quite natural and smooth. Throughout the song, he sings about being stalked; about being out of sorts because of the situation that a certain someone caused, and about the story that followed – “I never thought I’d reach this kind of crazy, sitting in my car outside your door / I feel like a stalker, lose my mind..”. He sings in a very confident and playful way which fits the mood of “Stalker”.

With layered strings, filler guitars, synths and mellow keys, there is a lot going on in this song, and nothing seems to be too cluttered, leading to a crystal clear mix where everything can be heard well. The most important part of any song is the chorus/drop and Kid Souf’s masterfully composed hook melody surely won’t leave your head anytime soon! Catchy melodies paired with rich vocals make the chorus sound big, and honestly, quite satisfying.

Kid Souf has been writing since the age of seven, and his talent as a songwriter shines through on this track. He has a way of making the listener experience the journey from the perspective of the protagonist of the story, and that’s quite amazing. As he has mentioned, he expects to release loads of new music soon and has no doubt that his listeners will thoroughly enjoy their experience!

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