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Amelle Rose – Manchild | Don’t Flex

When it comes to rock bands with female lead vocalists, I usually think of Evanescence, The Cranberries, or Fleetwood Mac. The classic rock sound of that era isn’t quite as common as it once was, but French singer-songwriter Amelle Rose has done it justice with her latest release “Manchild”. Amelle Rose combines expansive, dreamy soundscapes with deeply personal, intimate lyrics in her songwriting to create an introspective and ambient experience all tied up in a rock and roll structure that’s exciting and very appealing.

The track begins with, what I like to call, a staircase riff on the electric guitar and powerful acoustic drums; gotta love that snare! Since a lot of Amelle’s work is focused on mental health and the human psyche, her lyrics are heartfelt. honest and alluring, though on “Manchild” they are more blunt and bold.

I really liked the opening line to the track, “I woke up in a haze picking up the pieces of a typical Sunday” – it instantly transports you into her world, giving a proper context to her story. Throughout “Manchild,” she sings about dealing with unnecessary things and how she doesn’t want to waste any more time in doing so. With a slight aggression in her voice, Amelle delivers a powerful vocal performance that sounds very natural.

“Manchild” features crunchy guitars that fit the mood of the track wonderfully. Moreover, a smooth guitar lead interconnects the passages seamlessly, resulting in an impactful second half of the song that’s full of energy and could easily get you headbanging. I can easily picture this song being played at Rock am Ring, with a massive crowd feeling the boldness of Amelle Rose! “Manchild” is an anthem that I think a lot of rock music fanatics would enjoy listening to and I’m looking forward to hearing more from the 24-year-old singer-songwriter soon!

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