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Where are my whiskey and fireplace?: “Cool And The Flame”, by Second Adam & The New Creations

When it comes to captivating ballad-like soft rock songs, Second Adam & The New Creations truly know how to deliver a memorable and enchanting experience. Their latest release, “Cool And The Flame,” is a testament to their musical prowess, showcasing outstanding vocals, harmonies, and instrumental performances that leave listeners craving for more. Keep reading for why I think this song is great!

The song opens with a gentle guitar melody that immediately sets the tone for the emotional rollercoaster ahead. The vocals are nothing short of sensational, with richness and depth that draw the listener in from the very first note. The harmonies, perfectly crafted and executed, add layers of texture and depth to the overall sound, taking the listener through journeys of sound that are mesmerising to be in, and if you ask me, it does not get much better than a ballad-like soft rock song with great, savouring vocals with nice harmonies, which keep the listener wanting more of what is playing, all topped off with a beautiful guitar mini-solo that makes way for rich harmonies and excellent drumming.

Production-wise, “Cool And The Flame” remains excellent from the first second to last, and overall, I think that Second Adam & The New Creations are on to something here. Check out “Cool And The Flame” here!

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